Lodging and Service pricing:

  • 1 Room, double or single occupancy, (Master Creek Side or Full Creek Side)… $100/night
  • Sweet Twins or Den (full size sleeper sofa)…. $75/night
  • 2 bedrooms (up to 4 people)… $175/night
  • 3 bedrooms (up to 6 people)… $225/night
  • Whole House (up to 8 people)… $275/night
  • Add 1 roll away twin bed to any bedroom for $25/night.  Up to 2 roll aways available for whole house, for a total accommodation capacity of 10 people.

Above lodging prices do not include breakfast or other food services. 

Dining at Squirrel Creek Guest House

For a more complete Bed and Breakfast experience, add one or more of the following options:

  • Continental Style Breakfast, to include fresh baked goods like muffins or scones, fruit, yogurt, coffee, tea, juice… $15/per person.
  • Full Sit Down Breakfast, to include eggs, baked goods like French toast or pancakes, fruit, coffee, tea, juice… $20/per person.
  • Happy Hour, appetizers, wine and cheese… price depends on menu chosen.
  • Picnic Lunch, to include salads, sandwiches, fruit, beverage, dessert… $15 per person.
  • Light Supper… price depends on menu chosen.

All foods made at Squirrel Creek Guest House are organic when possible, local, and fresh.  Care is taken to ensure that the food is healthy and delicious.  Most specialty diets can be accommodated--Gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, low sugar, low sodium, Paleo… just ask!! 

Activity Pricing:

Create a perfect getaway retreat with one or more of the following:

  • Yoga Class… $15/per person.  No experience necessary! 2 hours.
  • Trail Ride… $35/per person/per hour—two hour minimum.  No Experience necessary!
  • Canning/Jams & Jellies Class… $20/per person.  2 hours.
  • Soap Making Class… $20/per person. 2 hours.
  • Guided Nature Hike… price depends on guide.
  • Birdwatching…price depends on guide.
  • Snowshoeing…price depends on guide.
  • Mountain Bike Experience…price depends on guide.
  • Organic Farm Experience…price is your willingness to work a little!


  • Cleaning Fee…. $25
  • Pet Fee… $20/pet
  • Airbnb Service Fee… between 6-12% depending on subtotal of charges.
  • Tax…. 2.9% State Tax and 1% County Tax will be added to the room or products/goods subtotal but not to services.


There are towels under the bench in the mud room for muddy and wet paws.  Please use them.  Footprints on the rugs or furniture may result in retention of some of the security deposit. PLEASE do not let your dog get on any of the furniture.  Dog beds have been provided.  If you need to give your dog a bath while you are here for some reason (say he gets skunked or something) call me and we’ll go to the horse barn where there is hot and cold running water in the wash racks for bathing animals.

Poop bags have been provided in one of the bins in the mudroom.  Please pick up after your pet.  Then put that bag in the trashcan in the garage.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of some of the security deposit.

If you need to leave your dog unattended during your stay at the guest house, please let me know so that I can provide a kennel for you.  I really feel strongly that dogs should not be left unattended at the house unless in a kennel—the house will be new to them, they might be frightened, and they might chew things up or scratch the walls or doors or screens.

There are lots of windows that go almost floor to ceiling.  Some nose prints are going to happen. If extensive cleaning of windows is necessary after you leave, there may be an extra cleaning fee.


We have kid friendly plates, cups, spoons etc. have been provided if you need them. 

Be mindful of all of the cool stuff in the house.  There are a lot of antique books, knick-knacks, artwork, etc. that kids find intriguing.  Damaged or missing items will be charged for in the security deposit.

General House Rules:

--it generally takes me 4 hours to clean after guests leave.  I only charge a $25 cleaning fee, which is less than the amount that I have to pay when I have to hire someone to clean for me (which isn’t often, because I usually do it all myself.  But it does happen once in a while).  That means everything:  beds, bathrooms, floors, dusting, kitchen, windows, porch.  If it takes me a lot longer than this because of excessive dishes, really dirty floors or walls, trash in or around the house, dog poop, or dirty windows, I will keep some back from the security deposit at a rate of $25/hour.    

--Smoking:  absolutely no smoking is allowed inside the house.  Honestly, I wish that I could make the entire property a NO SMOKING property, inside and out, but I get that this is unrealistic.  That being said, I suggest that if smoking is necessary, that you go off property, like take a walk down the street, to do so.  But if you do have to do it on the property, a can for butts has been provided.  If any butts are found anywhere on the property other than this can, you will be charged.  This is a huge pet peeve of mine.  Also, please do not smoke near open windows that might allow the smoke into the house.  Please be mindful of sitting on the furniture or beds if your clothes really smell after you have been smoking.  It is really, really difficult to get the odor out of fabric, furniture, rugs, and painted walls once it they have been exposed and is something I take very seriously.  If I detect the smell on the furniture, rugs or linens, you will be charged in order to cover professional cleaning charges.

--I will do an inventory and inspection within a few hours of your checkout.  I am looking for damaged or missing items, general condition of the house and grounds, dog poop or butts, excessively dirty floors, walls, linens, etc.  Some of the security deposit will be retained and an itemized list will be provided of the charges if anything is amiss.


Contact us at visitsquirrelcreek@gmail.com or on Airbnb at the Book Now link below: